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Myrtle is a senior girl who is no longer interested in climbing your curtains, jumping on your kitchen counters, of playing all night long. She is focused on cuddling and being petted. She is very social and wants to be close to you. She loves to play with toys and can keep herself entertained. Her elderly owner had to go into the nursing home, so a neighbor brought her to the shelter. She spent 5 months in the shelter waiting for a new home until we pulled her. She had a cauliflower ear from earmite infestation that was not addressed and missing most of her teeth. She had to have the remaining teeth removed, as well as her left ear. Myrtle is the most affectionate, loving, low-key girl who is happiest to be with her foster mom. She enjoys lounging in sunny spots and just relaxing. Her favorite toy is the spiral rings that she happily bats around. She loves petting and will give you a very gentle tap on the arm when you stop to let you know she is not finished. She is seeking a nice loving family who will give her affection and cuddles for her remaining years. This girl is very special and her loving personality will not disappoint you! We did a recent blood work on her and she is in tip-top health. She is not on any medication and ready to move in with her new family!

Age:11 years
Breed:Domestic Shorthair
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Yellow
Okay with Children:Unsure
Okay with Other Cats:Unsure
Okay with Dogs:Unsure
Special Needs:No