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Pekoe is a very sweet boy who loves other cats. He always welcomes any new kitties in is foster home and wants to be friends immediately. He is gentle and sweet, and has no aggressive bone in his body. He is a shy boy and will need a patient, loving home. His favorite toy is a folded pipe cleaner that he can toss in the air. When he goes to sleep, he brings them to bed with him. He is a very happy kitty once he gets settled into a new environment, but it will take him some time. He loves to be petted and sleep with his foster mom. He is playful and always kind to other animals. He will make a devoted, loving family member if given the chance. Please consider Pekoe only if you are familiar with shy kitties.

Age:1 years
Hair Color:Orange
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Gold
Okay with Children:Unsure
Okay with Other Cats:Yes
Okay with Dogs:Unsure
Special Needs:No