Animal Allies
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We love our volunteers. They continually go above and beyond the call of duty to help the animals. There is almost always a helping hand when we feel there is no end. and always an ear to lend when the stress of what we do gets too much to bear. This a very rewarding endeavor. Animal Allies has volunteer opportunities to fit any schedule.
  • Foster Care. This is our most urgent need. If you can spare a place in your home to help an animal while it is waiting to be adopted, we need you! Animal Allies provides medical treatment and food. All you provide is exercise and affection. The more foster homes we acquire, the more animals we are able to place into established, loving families.

  • Adoption Show Coordinator/Assistance. The majority of our adoption shows are held at various Petsmart locations (Fredricksburg, Falls Church, and Springfield). These individuals would be responsible for placing ads in the Washington Post notifying the public of the upcoming adoption, arriving early at the adoption site to ensure that cages are clean, equipped with litter and water, and tables are available for paperwork and/or kitten cages. If the individual(s) are interested or have the time, he/she could remain at the site and assist with talking to prospective adopters and answering questions regarding the cats in general or specific questions regarding the cats available for adoption.

  • Adoption Followup. Animal Allies attempts to contact all adopters within the first year to ensure that things are going well and to followup on the spaying/neutering of animals who were adopted prior to being neutered/spayed. This volunteer would be provided with a list of names/numbers and animal "names" . No specific hours or quantities of time is required.

  • Rescue of feral cats. Animal Allies receives many calls requesting assistance with feral cats. These cats have established "colonies" and require spaying/neutering and in some cases veterinary care. Animal Allies provides assistance at these locations to trap the cats, arrange for spaying/neutering, shots, and any other required medical attention. In the majority of cases (if at all possible), these animals are released back to the original location. However, once the medical has been taken care of the issue is not closed. Volunteers are also needed to ensure that the animals in the "colony" are fed on a regular basis. The locations of the "colonies" and the trapping projects are constantly changing.

  • Feral Cat Placement. Animal Allies is looking for special people who own rural property and would be willing to relocate a few feral cats to their property. This involves a process where the cats are initially placed in a cage, then released to the "barn", and finally released to the wide open spaces. This is a slow process to familiarize the animal with surrounding smells/sounds, recognize the location as a feeding site, and establish a routine timeframe for feeding.

  • Donate homemade cakes, cookies, pies, candies, etc. for our bake sales, support bake sale locations, or help out at other fundraisers and informational booths.

  • Contribute articles for our newsletter and web site.

  • Work with shy cats. This type of work can be very rewarding but does require a lot of patience and love.
Do you have a specialized skill or talent you would like to contribute to our organization -- i.e., Carpentry, Photography, Artistry? All of our volunteer work is done in Northern Virginia or on rare occasions in Culpeper, Virginia. If you would like to help, write us (address is on the main page), call us at (703) 940-9183 or send us an email.