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Thank you for your interest in our cats. Please answer the following questions. We want to help ensure the best possible match between adopter and pet. Remember, this is a lifetime commitment. You will be asked to sign a legal contract and, if applicable, a spay/neuter agreement, when adopting your pet. You will also be asked to pay a donation fee (this partially reimburses Animal Allies for any vet fees we may have already paid for spaying or neutering, leukemia/FIV testing, distemper shot(s), and a rabies vaccination if the animal is of appropriate age).

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You are interested in adopting:
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Number of persons in household:(adults)(Teens/older children)(Infants) ages of infants:
Are you 21 years of age or older?
Have you ever adopted a cat or dog from Animal Allies?
If yes, when?Do you still have the pet?Was the pet altered?
Please list all the companion animals you have been guardian to in the last five (5) years:
Type of animal (dog/cat/other)Name of PetSexAgeSpayed/NeuteredHow long in your care?Inside/Outside PetWhere is the pet now?

Name of vet clinic:Name of veternarian:
Telephone number:
Have you ever been guardian to any animals that were:
Killed by moving vehicles?Given away?
Lost or stolen?Turned into a shelter or rescue group?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please explain:
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you live in a:

Since you rent, please give the name and telephone number of the landlord or rental agent so we may verify that pet guardianship is permitted:
Name:Rental agency:Telephone number:
Does anyone in your household have allergies to cat dander/hair/saliva?
Why do you want to adopt this particular cat?
Is someone home during the day?Who?How many hours will the cat be alone?
Where will the cat be kept during the day?At night?When you travel?
Will you let the cat outside?
If yes:

What do you think about declawing?
Because it's very stressful for a cat to go from home to home, we hope to place each one in a caring home for the rest of its life, which could be up to 20 years. Are you prepared to make this commitment?
What will happen to the cat if you have to move?
What if you move to a place that doesn't allow cats?
This cat may take several weeks or months to fully adjust to you and your home. How would you ease the adjustment?
Are your pets current on vaccinations?If you have a dog, has he/she been exposed to cats?
What kind of cat behavior do you find unacceptable?
How would you handle these behaviors?
Do you believe in spaying or neutering?
If no, why not?
How much do you think it will cost per year to vaccinate, feed and care for this cat?
What would cause you to return this cat to Animal Allies?
Please take a minute to reivew your answers and proivide any further comments or questions:
Which of these subjects would you like to learn more about? (check all that apply)

All questions must be answered before the application can be accepted for review by the Animal Allies adoption agent.

By my/our signature on this document, I/we certify that the above statements about me and my history with companion animals are true and correct. I/We understand that Animal Allies reserves the right to refuse any applicant based on its adoption rules and guidelines. Any misrepresentation of fact may result in my/our application being rejected.

My signature on this document also permits my present or previous Veterinarian or Animal Hospital to release requested information to an Animal Allies volunteer/adoption agent regarding my current or previously-owned pets for the purpose of considering my application. I am/We are aware that prior to placement of a pet from Animal Allies, my currently-owned pets, for their protection, must be up to date on needed vaccinations including: rabies, distemper shots, and in some cases feline leukemia and feline aids tests.

In accordance with § 3.1-796.95:5 Sections B and C and/or C of the Virginia State Code, I/we affirm that I/we have never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment.

Please read carefully the adoption rules. Your application cannot be accepted before you have read and accepted these guidelines. Animal Allies is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals. We have a moral obligation to not adopt any animal unless it is going to a responsible home where it will be part of a family for its entire life. For that reason, Adoption Rules have been established.

Adoption Rules
  1. A responsible adult 21 years of age or older must sign the adoption application and accept full responsibility for the care of the pet.
  2. Cats are placed as household pets and not to work as mousers or function as barn cats.
  3. All females must be spayed and all males neutered.
  4. Should an animal be found to be pregnant after adoption, the pregnancy shall be terminated. In the event of a full-term pregnancy, where a veterinarian determines that the pregnancy cannot be safely terminated, the offspring shall be surrendered to Animal Allies.
  5. All persons living in the household are to be involved in the selection of the pet.
  6. Unless there is a pre-approved adoption application on file, there will be at least a 24-hour waiting period, to allow the potential adopter to prepare for a new pet and for Animal Allies to check on rental status regarding pets (if applicable) and to call the adopter’s veterinarian regarding the adopter’s current pets.
  7. For the well-being and health of the animal, cats must remain indoors.
  8. Declawing requires the surgical removal of the first digit of a cat’s toes. It is an extremely painful procedure that can result in unwanted behavior such as biting, aggression, or refusal to use its litter box. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that cats not be declawed as there are non-surgical alternatives available.
  9. All animals in the household must be spayed/neutered.
  10. Animal Allies reserves the right not to place kittens under six months of age where there are children under the age of six, for the protection of both the child and the animal.
  11. No animal will be adopted to anyone with a history of losing, giving away, selling, or having animals injured or killed by moving vehicles.
  12. People living in rental housing must have written or verbal permission by the proper authority.
  13. Animal Allies reserves the right to reclaim the animal if, in its opinion, the animal is not being properly and humanely cared for.
  14. No cat will be adopted as a gift to another person. A “gift certificate” can be issued to be redeemed by the recipient, with the understanding that Animal Allies reserves the right to refuse to place an animal with any one who fails to meet the criteria for a responsible pet guardian.

By signing this application, I/we certify that all information is true and that any false information may void this application. I/We have read and agree to abide by the above Adoption Rules.
Signature of applicantSignature of co-applicant