Helping Feral Cats

Alley Cat Allies Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats. Their website is a significant resource for anyone interested in doing TNR in their community.
How You Can Help Feral Cats in Your Community Feral cats deserve caretaking just as much as the kitties who live with us; they are often victims of abandonment, accidental loss, and failure by owners to fix their pets. Here is how to help ferals in your community.

Living with Pets

Benefits of Pets for Kids – The Essential Guide
This guide is a very comprehensive resource on the many benefits of owning pet animals for children. It also covers what it takes to own a pet, why a pet is a healthy addition to any child’s upbringing, how to take care of pets, and plenty of other useful advice and information. 
Cat Nutrition A wonderful website on the benefits of feeding our feline friends in a healthy way.
Comparison of Various Pet Insurance This is a quick resource that compares different pet insurance companies to provide valuable comparative information to protect your pets.
Cornell Feline Health Information This site has very useful Feline Health Brochures regarding a variety of cat issues. If you check under "Health Information," it will put you at the brochures. This is a very useful site and it is updated regularaly.
Expecting a Baby? How to Prepare the Pets for a New Arrival Introducing a new baby to the household can have a variable affecton on current pets, particularly cats, dogs, and birds. There are steps each family can take to smooth this transition.
Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition This web page explains why cats have a better chance at optimal health if they are fed a quality canned food diet instead of dry kibbles. It also contains current information on other topics that relate to cat issues.
Feline Behavior - Pam Johnson-Bennett This site discusses all types of cat behavior and discusses solutions by Pam Johnson-Bennett, who is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and one of the most well-known experts on feline behavior. This is a very useful site.
Feline Nutrition Education Society A wonderfully informative site on feeding your feline the raw diet. This site was developed by one of our adopters who made it her mission to provide the best diet possible for her cats.
Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants A comprehensive document to help pet owners identify which plants are safe to include in a pet-friendly home.
Little Big Cats This is an extremely informative website for all topics associated with cats. If you have any questions pertaining to the care of your cat, please visit this site.
Renter's Guide to Pet Owning Helpful information on being a renter and successfully living with pets
Traveling With Pets Recommendations for safe travel with your pets.

Local Animal Shelters

Alexandria Animal Shelter adoptions; accepts strays and giveups; low-cost spay/neuter certificates for purchase
Animal Welfare League of Arlington Local shelter to take in strays or giveups; provides low cost spay/neuter assistance.
Fairfax County Animal Shelter Services includes adoptions, lost and found, humane education, wildlife rehabilitation

Lost and Found

Missing Pet A good site to view lost and found pets in the local area.
National Dog Registry Protecting the nations pets against loss and theft

Other Rescue Groups

4 Paws Rescue Group local rescue group - cats only
A Forever Home local rescue group - dogs and cats
Alley Cat Allies feral cats only - educational material
Fancy Cats Rescue Team local rescue group - cats only
Feline Foundation of Greater Wash., Inc. local rescue group - cats only
Friends of Homeless Animals local rescue group - dogs and cats
HART--Homeless Animal Rescue Team local rescue group - dogs and cats
Human Society of Fairfax County local rescue group - dogs and cats
Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation local rescue group - dogs and cats
Metro Ferals feral cats only - educational material; loan traps for TNR
PetFinder A listing of homeless animals by rescue groups. You can sort by animals and geographical areas. All local rescue groups are listed on this site.
SPCA of Northern Virginia local rescue group - dogs and cats


Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Washington, DC This is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic located in Washington DC
Spay/Neuter for Feral Cats in Fairfax, VA This shelter will train anyone interested in doing TNR of cats in their neighborhood and provide slots to get the spay/neuter done.
Spay/Neuter in Manassas, VA This is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic located in Manassas, VA.
Spay/Neuter in Waldorf, MD This low-cost spay/neuter clinic is located in Waldorf, MD


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